Friday, September 14, 2012

Browser Complaints and More: Not Provided Keywords As Pitfalls in Google Analytics Because of Encrypted Searches

Paul North has the scoop on data analysis and search reporting and
the impact of "not provided" keywords because of encrypted searches
(e.g. as reported in The Register, Firefox 14 in July introduced encrypted HTTPS Google search as the default).

See the SEO Blog in
3 Google Analytics Traps Caused By (Not Provided) Keyword Data.

One of the major problems in Mozilla Firefox in its recent editions, by the way, is the programmers not giving USERS the OPTION to select what they want but rather pushing their ideas forcibly on an often misinformed or uninformed public. It is a strategy that reminds of parents telling their children they know what is best for them, regardless of the actual results, and is a philosophy destined to slowly erode the Firefox user base.

We are quite prepared for an alternative search engine to Firefox that puts the USERS first, not the programmers.

Obviously, we have no use for Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, which permit virtually no customization and  are made for infrequent Internet users who have little conception of what they are doing except surfing aimlessly. Similarly, Opera is way behind in permitting USER customization.

I want -- and this is essential -- ANY new page to be opened in a new tab. The failure of browsers to do this often means that material in an opened tab -- e.g. an email -- is irretrievably lost if some link or search uses the same tab. That all browser makers have not comprehended this is a mystery.

I want to be able to place my tabs BELOW all the rest of the stuff at the the top of the screen. I definitely do not want tabs above the menu. I want what I AM DOING and working on to be in the foreground, not what some programmers have done or what some company wants me to see.

I want to be able to install add-ons that give me different colored tabs for each tab and a special marking of the open tab. I want to be able to close tabs at any time EITHER directly at the tab OR by an "close tab" button at the end of the tab bar -- the reason for the latter is that when you are doing research on a given topic and have dozens of pages open about that topic, and then finish that topic, you close tabs fast from the "close tab" button at the right, closing tabs in order right to left until you get to the previous tabs you want to keep.

I want to be able to put ANY and ALL icons of my choice in the command menus, ANYWHERE, as I want them to be and not as the programmers or companies want them to be.

I want a Google toolbar like the old style toolbar I have always used and know how to operate. The discontinuance of this toolbar is the main reason for me to switch from Firefox to another browser.

I want to be able to put toolbars where I want them, not in some predetermined order.

I want to select my own background for the menus, or employ user-made skins.

Themes offered by browser makers should not only offer -- as many currently do -- themes that have the intellectual level of 10-year olds, but some attempt should be made to offer design offerings that reach toward an adult audience.

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